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Tạp chí Khoa Học Kỹ Thuật  Đại học Nông Lâm TP>HCM


Số 1 năm 2002


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Phan Hiếu Hiền, Nguyễn Văn Xuân, Nguyễn Hùng Tâm

Trung tâm Năng Lượng và Máy Nông nghiệp Đại học Nông Lâm TP.HCM

Khoa Cơ Khí Công nghệ Đại học Nông Lâm TP.HCM

ĐT: 0913127481 - 02837220725


For new demands of lowering the labor cost in mixing the grain, of reducing the land space, and of drying high – moisture crops (coffee, sliced cassava…), a new series of reversible-air (RA) flat – bed dryers has been designed and successfully applied. The principle, construction, and operation of the RA dryers is similar to that of the current SHG4 flat-bed dryer; the only difference lies in the reversibility of the drying air. In order to make sure that this dryer works well, both laboratory and field tests were conducted. Laboratory experiments emphasized the investigation of 3 factors: grain depth, drying air flow rate, and air direction changing period. The field tests were done to determine the drying time, final moisture differential, and dryer operation.Twelve dryers (named of SRA_1, SRA_8, SRA_10, SRA_12*) were i nstalled upon requests from users. Tests results showed that: (1) without manual mixing and turning, the final moisture content is uniform; (2) saving of land space, only 1/2 of the drying floor is required compared to conventional flat-bed dryer, and (3) multi-product capability, they can dry corn, coffee, longan, shrimp-head…
(* SRA_10 : flat bed dryer with Reversible Air and of 10 tons /batch capacity).



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